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I grew up in northern Germany, and a few parts of England, as part of an itinerant Army family. A love of the outdoors, & sport were instilled in me from a young age. I pursued a number of these while growing up and in the last few years since leaving university - mainly rugby, cycling and running and ski mountaineering . Nowadays I am based in London, working on Pillar, an AI coach for endurance sportspeople, on your mobile phone.


The row is a chance to raise money and awareness  for Pursuing Independent Paths (PiP), where I am a trustee. PiP does hugely valuable work helping adults with learning disabilities learn skills to lead a more independent life, make new friends & enjoy a wide variety of activities. As for the rest of the team, the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge is the biggest physical and mental challenge I have faced. I know that the great crew, the support from our partners and the faces of the PiP students and staff will provide great inspiration! 

previous challenges

Most of my sports training has been geared towards single day events - like the Etape du Tour cycling event or the Davos alpine marathon. I have done some multi-day efforts for mountaineering, the hardest was being the summit of Lyskamm ridge in Italy, which was part of a few days of touring. We ended up summiting in awful conditions, with some doubt as to whether we would make it down off the hill.

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