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I was lucky enough to spend a lot of my childhood on the South Coast of England.  Before I could walk I had been indoctrinated with the family love for being outdoors, particularly on the water and sailing has been a passion all my life. While off the water I am a keen climber and mountaineer and have recently completed my long held ambition of summiting the Matterhorn.  Despite now being based in London with a demanding job in strategy consulting, I still jump at any opportunity to get out to sea!


After rowing at university albeit confined to rivers, the idea of venturing onto the open sea and rowing across an ocean as part of the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge has always excited me. It is incredibly motivating to carry out this challenge in support of two charities, whose core values are to support others to realise their potential, just as our supporters will help us realise ours.

previous challenges

I know the route between the Canary Islands and the Carribean well, after winning a transatlantic yacht race in 2015. There were two key elements to the challenge: effective teamwork in confined quarters for an extended period and navigating the Atlantic conditions and weather patterns.  This experience will be invaluable in helping the team make the fastest and safest passage possible.  It goes without saying, I would love to replicate this success but in a crossing of three times the duration, in a boat half the size and powered by 3 fantastic guys (and me) instead of wind. 

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