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My maiden voyage was taken in my teens, sporting a straw hat punting tourists down the river in Cambridge to earn enough money to satisfy my curly wurly addiction! While at school, I immersed myself in sport, particularly rugby. I loved the camaraderie that comes with team sports and was fascinated by teammates that pushed themselves beyond what they initially thought possible. My undergraduate studies took me to Durham where I explored the science behind human performance, before later qualifying as a Physiotherapist. I’m now a Clinic Director for Six Physio in the City, a role that allows me to help others work towards their goals - whether this be a sporting endeavour or simply to be pain free day to day.


Having never rowed on water; crossing the Atlantic feels like one of the Ultimate challenges for mind and body, exciting and scary in equal measure.  I feel incredibly lucky to be in a position to consider such a challenge and have an opportunity to contribute a little something to two great charities. Both Charities encapsulate that idea of empowering individuals to maximise potential and I would love to play a small part in supporting that cause with your support.

previous challenges

Since moving to London almost 10 years ago, I turned my attention towards more endurance sports. A few marathons rolled into Ironmans which then progressed into multi-stage endurance events. My biggest challenge to date being a 250km self sufficient race through the Arctic circle.  All valuable lessons in being comfortable with the uncomfortable. More recently I gained my sailing and deep sea diving licences which encouraged my love for exploration and getting out on the water.

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