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I first met Bill Feeney, PiP’s charismatic and slightly fierce CEO, when he came into Sage’s offices to tell us about it, in 2017. He told us that PiP was a local London charity that supported adults with learning disabilities to achieve their potential. On turning 18, many people with learning disabilities are suddenly less eligible for support than they were before, PiP helps bridge this gap, for those near enough to be able to get there. Through their day centre near Warwick avenue it provides holistic, highly personal care to a community of 50-60 “students” teaching them vital skills to live a more independent life, such as how to use public transport and manage their finances. 

Beyond being immediately struck by Bill’s energy, what PiP was doing immediately resonated: it was about helping people with learning difficulties live more independent lives and provided an environment that was more involved and with greater emphasis on the individual than I had ever come across before. 

PiP is recognised as being a leading care provider within London because of the highly personalised way it helps the people who become part of it. This leads to great happiness and a real improvement in personal skills of those who go there. Many students graduate to finding employment outside of the day centre, something which was unimaginable in previous times.
PiP forms strong bonds with the families of those who go there, often over many years. The annual PiP theatre show is testament to
the community it has built and continues to develop. 

PiP is currently expanding to a second premises to try to support the many adults in the area who are currently left with much less support after they turn 18. As well as being able to cater for twice as many people, the new centre will also have improved facilities such as a state of the art audiovisual lab. 

Money raised from our row will contribute towards their expansion into these premises over the medium term. 



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